Senior Management

The following Deputy Commissioners and Head also function as the major arms of the Revenue Authority

Mr. Ron Simboo

Deputy Commissioner
of Inland Revenue-Debt Management, Tax Compliance and Enforcement and Tax Operations

Mr. Patrick Hyman

Deputy Commissioner
Customs, Excise & Trade Operations

Mr. Glendon Harris

Human Resource Management Department

Mr. Sese Jones

Information Technology Department

Ms. Karen Chapman

Communications & Tax Advisory Services Division

Navindra Prashad

Department-Planning, Risk and Analysis

Mr. Jason Moore

Assistant Commissioner
Law Enforcement & Investigation Division

Lancelot Wills

Deputy Commissioner
Inland Revenue-Customs Petroleum Unit, Customs, Excise and Trade Operations

Hissaun Yasin-Nandlall

Deputy Commissioner
Inland Revenue-Legal Services Department

Sherel Isaacs

Deputy Commissioner (ag)
Inland Revenue - Petroleum Revenue Audit, Large Taxpayer Department

Sharon Carrington

Deputy Commissioner (Resp)
Inland Revenue - Large Taxpayer Department

Wayne Austin

Deputy Commissioner (ag)
Inland Revenue - Tax Audit

Ulanie Durant

Senior Manager
Internal Audit

Henry Chester

Senior Manager
Special Investigation Unit

Yonette Heyligar

Assistant Commissioner
Inland Revenue - Tax Exemption Processing and Verification

Dawn Punche

Assistant Commissioner
Integrated Regional Tax Offices

Michelle Singh-Simpson

Corporate Secretary

Melissa Romeo

Assistant Commissioner (ag)
Inland Revenue - Tax Operations and Services

Asif Karim

Assistant Commissioner
Inland Revenue - Tax Audit Department (Mr. Karim has the responsibility of overseeing the operations of the Revenue Accounting and Central Data Processing and Verification Unit)

Gail Butcher

Assistant Commissioner (ag)
Inland Revenue - Berbice Operations, Integrated Regional Tax Offices