The applicable fees for new and renewal of Licences for motor vehicles are based on the weight. As such, before making an application, review the list of applicable fees to ensure same applies to the type of vehicle you intend to licence:

Amendment Current Rates ($)
1. For each motor vehicle other than a motor cycle: —

(a) not exceeding 2,240 pounds
(b) exceeding 2,240 pounds and not exceeding 3,000 pounds
(c) exceeding 3,000 pounds and not exceeding 4,000 pounds
(d) exceeding 4,000 pounds and not exceeding 5,000 pounds
(e) exceeding 5,000 pounds

2. Passenger vehicle for hire or reward

(a) not exceeding 2,240 pounds
(b) exceeding 2,240 pounds and not exceeding3,000 pounds
(c) exceeding 3,000 pounds
Yellow Cab (Corporate Yellow)



3. (a)For each motor bus used solely in Georgetown or New Amsterdam and seating: —

(i) not more than 14 passengers
(ii) more than 14 passengers

(b)For each motor bus used elsewhere and seating:-
(i) not more than 14 passengers
(ii) more than 14 passengers




4. For each goods vehicle: —

(a)not exceeding 1120 pounds unladen weight
(b)exceeding 1120 pounds but not exceeding 2240 pounds unladen weight
(c)exceeding 2240 pounds but not exceeding 4,480 pounds unladen weight
(d)exceeding 4,480 pounds but not exceeding 8,960 pounds unladen weight
(e)exceeding 8,960 pounds but not exceeding 13,440 pounds unladen weight
(f)exceeding 13,440 pounds unladen weight

Provided that:

(i) for a motor lorry exceeding four tons, but not exceeding six tons payload, the licence fee shall be
(ii) for a motor lorry exceeding six tons payload, the licence fee shall be
(iii)for an articulated vehicle* the unladen weight of which exceeds 11,200pounds the licence fee
shall be





5. Other Motor Vehicles

(a) for any agricultural motor tractor and trailer which are used for the sole purpose of carrying
agricultural machinery, appliances and produce or any of them to or from, or to and from, any
cultivated plantation, lot or farm within a radius of 6 miles thereof but not in Georgetown or New
(b) for any agricultural motor tractor used alone for the said purpose






 6. For each motor hearse  1,800
7. For each mechanically propelled crane, hoist, compressor, bulldozer or similar vehicle used in connection with construction,
which is not in itself designed or constructed to carry any load other than loose tools and equipment
 8. (a) For trailer used in connection with a motor car:-

(i) having two wheels
(ii) having more than two wheels
(b) For each trailer capable of being attached to any vehicle, other than a motor tractor or motor car and not constructed as a permanent attachment to that vehicle



 9. For each ATV

No licence shall be paid for invalid carriage;

No licence shall be required for any motor vehicle or trailer used in any of the following areas: –

  • sugarcane plantation,
  • wood cutting grant,
  • cattle farm,
  • lot or farm under cultivation,
  • cocoa estate,
  • rubber estate,
  • private grant,
  • mining or placer claim

“Passengers”, include the driver

The Minister may define the districts in which the fee for any trailer used on a car shall be one half of the appropriate amount. For any trailer fitted with tyres the fee shall be twice the appropriate amount except if the tyres are pneumatic tyres

The Minister may declare by an order that a particular district in Guyana shall not pay for any licence for a motor vehicle or trailer. The order shall take effect on the first day in any quarter and shall also be published in the official Gazette. However, if an applicant for such a licence makes any payment after the Minister’s order is published in the Gazette, he or she shall be refunded. An applicant for a licence for a motor vehicle or trailer is also within his or her right to appeal if he or she disagrees with a decision by a licencing officer.

In making an application for the respective licence, the following documents must also be provided to the LRO:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
  3. Original and copy of Motor Vehicle Registration