The due date for submitting returns is April 30, in the year immediately following that in which the property was owned. As such, every person to whom the Act applies is required to calculate the tax payable and to pay on the basis of the return at the time of filing. There are two ways a company can file its Company Property Tax Return:

1. e-Services

Before submitting your Return electronically, you must have an eServices account. To submit a Property Tax Return, simply login to your account and via the Create eServices Form, navigate to Property Tax. Fill in the Return, upload the relevant documents, and then submit. You will receive an email once the Return was successfully submitted to the GRA.

Note: If the Return is submitted electronically via the eServices, a manual (paper) submission is not required. However, please ensure that all the required supporting documents are uploaded as part of the submission.

2. Fillable Return

Download the Corporation Tax Return and fill it out. Only the first two pages of this Return are fillable. The various calculations are done automatically. Please ensure that the Return is signed and the appropriate documents are securely attached before dropping at a GRA location.