Where an application for the transfer of ownership is being made, it is required that both seller and buyer of the motor vehicle be present at the Licence Revenue Office. Both parties must complete the application for Transfer of Ownership of Motor Vehicles Form, where the seller completes the left half and the buyer completes the right half of the form.

The applicant must produce the following documents to the Licence Revenue Office:

  • Completed application form;
  • Original Certificate of Registration;
  • TIN (both parties);
  • Valid identification (both parties);
  • Copy of Agreement of Sale and Purchase; and
  • Proof of address for the new owner

Where, all documents have been verified by the Licence Revenue Office, a physical examination of the vehicle (s) will be conducted on the motor vehicle (s) to verify that the details conform to the Licence Revenue Office’s records.

Upon the satisfactory review of all documents and successful examination(s) completed, a fee of twenty-five thousand Guyana Dollars (G$25,000.00) or two-percent (2%) of the sale price will be charged to the new owner.