How do I register my Motor Vehicle?

Companies registering their motor vehicles will be required to produce the following documents to the Licence Revenue Office, upon application:

  • Completed application form
  • Cashier’s receipt from Customs
  • Original invoice/ packaging list
  • Bill of lading, Delivery Order
  • Title, Export Certificate
  • An official translation of the registration or cancellation where the country of origin is a non – English speaking one
  • E/SAD
  • Official identification (valid ID or Passport or Driver License)
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
  • Assessment Notice
  • Tax Exemption Letter (if applicable)

The applicable fees on vehicles are categorised accordingly:

  • Motor Cycles: G$1,000.00
  • Motor Vehicles: G$2,000.00
  • Trailers: G$1,000.00

NOTE: If the vehicle was purchased locally, an Assessment Notice and the Official translation of the registration will not be required.

In ensuring the validity of your application, a physical examination of the vehicle (s) will be conducted by a Licence Revenue Officer and Customs Officer, to verify the details provided, e.g. engine and chassis number. Additionally, checks will also be made to verify that the original tint of the vehicle (s) falls within the conformities of the Law.